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Tax Returns - Preparation & Planning

Tax Preparation and Planning

In today's environment, more and more people have to file tax returns either because they have other sources of income e.g. rental properties, investment income etc or they need to claim many of the allowances that are available to them. The penalties for not filing are severe so it is important that you keep your tax affairs fully up to date. If you are self employed, a PAYE worker or company director, now is the time to get your tax return in before the Oct 31st deadline. To assist you with this, we offer the following financial and tax services:


  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Company Tax Return
  • VAT Returns
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Taxation consultancy for complex issues

Tax Advice and Planning on the following areas

  • Business Start up / Expansion
  • The most efficient tax structure for your business
  • Business Expansion relief applications
  • Section 481 film relief applications
  • Advice on tax efficient investments
  • Tax implications on foreign and domestic property investment
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Revenue Tax Audit / Tax Appeal
  • General communication with revenue on behalf of our client’s

Regulatory Requirements

  • Company Tax Law
  • Business Regulations

Typical Questions our clients may ask

  • Property owner: I have rental income , where can I get my tax return completed?
  • PAYE taxpayer: Who can help me check that I am claiming all the allowances that I am entitled to?
  • Estate Planning: How can I ensure that I pass on my assets in as most tax efficient method as possible?
  • Retired: Can we leave our house to our child and avoid paying tax?
  • Marriage breakdown: What are the implications on my tax situation?
  • I just made a gain on a disposal of my foreign property? What are the tax implications?
  • Employee: I am about to be made redundant. How much am I entitled to tax free?
  • Business Owner: My accountant just prepares my tax returns but I never get any advice on future tax planning.
  • New businesses: Which is more tax effective, to set up my new business as a sole trader or form a company?
  • Retirement planning: Is it true that I can build up a pension fund of up to €2.3million for retirement?
  • Succession planning: How can I pass on the family business to my children in a tax efficient manner?
  • Self-Administered Pensions. Can I set up my own pension fund, make my own investment decisions and retire at 50?
  • Business owner: I am in partnership for the last 25 years but now want to step back. How can I access the cash tied up in the business without incurring tax of up to 41%.
  • Second Opinion: I already have an accountant but would like to get a second opinion from a tax specialist on what are the best options for me when planning my finances.

    If you can identify with any of the issues above, give us a call in our Galway office at 091-592080 and we can help.

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Situated in the heart of Barna Village just outside Galway City, Coll & Co. are independent financial and tax advisors.  We offer services to the PAYE individual, Owner Managers, Company Directors and the Self-employed.

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