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Redundancy Services for Employers

At Coll & Co, we are uniquely placed to assist companies and individuals facing redundancy situations as, in addition to our taxation expertise, we are also authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland to provide investment advice. This means that we can advise on the range of pensions and investment opportunities available to individuals.

This fully integrated service to employers and employees combines taxation advice on your redundancy package together with a full financial health-check which integrates tax planning into your Financial plan.
Depending on your requirements, we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Our Tax consultants can provide Employers advice in relation to:

  • The tax treatment of any proposed redundancy package
  • Calculation of employee’s entitlement to statutory redundancy and tax exemptions due in relation to taxable lump sums.
  • Presentation to employees explaining their entitlements and the options open to them.
  • Gaining approval from the Revenue Commissioners regarding the application of the Increased Exemption to each individual employee.
  • Liaising with your pension providers to determine the effects of pensions accrued on the tax free lump sum calculation.